Fuel Codes

We have developed a simple but powerful mobile solution for fleets to manage their discount fuel network. Fuelbook can increase network compliance, save money and retain drivers simply by signing up for a custom fuel code.

It is simple to get started...we upload your discount network, issue a 4 digit fuel code and your drivers download the FREE Fuelbook App (iPhone or Android). Any updates or network changes later are real-time and seamless to the drivers.

Fuelbook has flexible display options which can show a simple ranking based on price or allow the drivers the option to view the estimated network savings per gallon...which can be an excellent retention tool for Owner Operator fleets.

  • Cost Plus, Retail Less, Better Of
  • Real-time Network Updates
  • Custom Fleet Pop-up messages
  • Dynamic Driver Surveys
  • Fuel Prices Updated 6x a Day
  • Over 6,000 Locations Nationwide

Ready to start saving money with a Fuel Code?....just give us a call or send us an email.

Email: Sales@fuelbook.com

Phone: 888-706-6605

FuelwSavings HiddenSavings

Option 1 - Display Savings

Option 2 - Display Rankings

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