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Tools to Help Your Fleet Save

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When you give your fleet the power of Fuelbook, you provide the tools to save your drivers time and potentially save your company thousands of dollars on diesel.  

We help fleets of all sizes show their negotiated net price from cost plus, retail minus, and better-of discount programs

Fuelbook splash screen

Explore what Fuelbook can do for fleets

Optional ranking view 1-3

Ranking View

Quickly display the lowest net priced locations in an optional ranking view.

Price results in list view

List View

View net price, retail price, and savings per gallon in a convenient list view.

Example Less IFTA price tag

Less IFTA View

See net price less IFTA creditable tax amount to compare the core cost of diesel across the country.

Custom tagging views

Custom Location Labels

Create custom color and text location labels for your fleet's fuel network.

Customize your directory

Fleet Directory

Add key phone numbers, email addresses, and web links so drivers can easily contact your company.

Monthly Subscription Plans

Price information only - fuel discounts not provided

Features for all fleets

Ranking view
List view
Less IFTA view
Custom location labels
Fleet directory

Flat monthly rate

Fleet size

25 - 199


200 - 499




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